What shoes does a girl wear on one of the most beautiful days of her life?

I got married in Bali on a cliff over looking the sea and had to consider high heels sinking into wet grass and the peculiar affect of humidity on a delicate ankle and foot.

I'd like to say I wore my own design (the bridesmaids all did!) but ever a fan of endless style options I wore a pair of sea blue Lanvin high heel espadrilles because I didn't want to fall over and I loved the colour, but I also had some hand made white lace wooden wedges that I didn't end up wearing on the day, silly!!! I wore them the night before. At cocktails feeling lacy and dreamy and special.

Bridal shoes will be a mainstay in all of my collections and I don't see why they can't be scarlet, turquoise satin or (best of all) silver. Perversely I am a fan of the actual WHITE white shoe for everyday and something very different for the big day. I guess that's because I love contrast between gown and shoe and I also love a bride with a strong personality and more vivid foot.

If you have a favourite image of the shoes you wore and loved on your wedding day please share (Instagram @sophie_cox_shoes)...This above all other occasions is when a girl puts her best foot forward.

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