Sometimes, OK often, I am asked why shoes that are hand made in Italy cost money.

The simple answer is that they are hand made in Italy. But the more complex answer is that they are designed in Sydney, developed in Italy and then shipped around the world. Each shoe is made of the most exquisite materials by artisans.

The things I love that are made in China are tea and silk pajamas. But not footwear.

My shoes are fanciful and sensual. But they are also durable and well made and designed to last a decade or more. Because I grew up in riding boots I expect my pumps and slippers to take a whipping and still perform.

I have always believed in investing in clothes and accessories that are beautiful and long lasting. My definition of a luxury is something gorgeous that really earns it's keep.

I believe in price per wear. And a very very tight edit. So when it comes to shoes I want to look down and sigh happily. This is the accessory that literally takes you somewhere and supports you and more importantly supports your whole look.

I am nothing without the shoes. And for that I will pay a little more, and live a little larger.