I heart romance and a boot that leaves a lasting impression. Thanks to The Weekend Australian style page this weekend my spring bulb booty saw the light of day but here is the critical detail that was not in shot: The heel is heart shaped and the carved wooden 'shaft' is designed to resemble a spring bulb. Fans of this petulant yet practical booty might be tempted to absent mindedly run their index finger up and down the heel and yes that is a bit kinky but I designed this boot to be the every day shoe you fall in LOVE with and...if walking on wet grass...the boot that leaves a trail of hearts in your wake. 

This design is made bespoke to order so please register your interest here

Of all the shoes I created for the PASSIONFLOWER collection this is the most quietly original and in keeping with my belief that the best footwear has a sculptural signature. I can't wait to wear mine scampering along the wet sand at Palm Beach and write a love letter for the tides.