Listen up Peeps...I don't mind a glimpse of nail varnish and recently was quite amused to see that the words "Peep Toe" has their own category in Wikipedia.

"Peep-toe shoes were popular beginning in the 1940s but disappeared by the 1960s. Peep-toe shoes had a brief resurgence in the 1970s/80s, before falling out of fashion by the mid-1990s. More recently, they have enjoyed some popularity again, with variations such as "peep-toe boots" appearing."

My theory of the return of the peep is that this is a shoe for a womanly girl and not a girlish woman. You might be stitched up in a Prada suit or a very quiet shirt front cleavage please this is Milan...and then, down below, these is that coquettish show of toes. It's witty and somehow it relates to lingerie but in a very oblique way. 

My interpretation of the peep toe is usually in a light material and a pale candy colour. Other shoes in chocolate or black go to work..but this little pump goes to town, or endless lunch.

Available in various colours now at Quincy, 76 Queen Street Woollahra.