People often ask me a very stupid question. "Can tall girls wear high heels?" And the answer to that is, yes, especially if they are in Iceland surrounded by very tall men!

I don't wear flats to shrink down to size or slink into the shadows. I wear them to run around but I think everyone with a bit of fun in their souls has another, much sexier, pair of shoes hidden in their handbag. 

And I don't like to waste a heel. The cliche of high heels with jeans was propagated by Sex and The City and it's a trend with use by date that has expired. If a heel makes your leg look longer, don't conceal it, reveal it. And maybe even be playful with a pair of pale blue Dorothy ankle socks or a nice tarty pair of seamed stockings. French women carry on like this until they are seventy five because they know one very sensible truth about men: If they are not interested in what you are saying, they will happily let their mind travel the length of your legs....and then reply "Yes Dear" to pretty much anything. Work the heel.