There are women who own their shoes and women who's shoes...own them.

These are the unfortunates. They lope. They drag. They stagger and they teeter. Too often in a heel that is too high, a toe that is too pointed or a platform that makes them look like Pan and I don't mean Peter Pan. 

If the shoe fits you really should wear it but too often a foot is made to conform to a style that doesn't suit and doesn't feel good. At. All. 

Surely without resorting to Doctor Scholls and socks a girl can have comfort and glamour. As I am run off my feet on the hard dirty pavements of London I demand it and I don't want to look down at my shoes at day's end and resent them. A good shoe supports you and lets you walk like you own the planet. Now this can be in a squishy ballet flat or a very well constructed 2 inch heel...or higher. 

When I am wearing my own designs I "own" being tall. And all that school girl stooping slopes away. I think, actually, that I even order my coffee in a slightly less squeaky voice and look leery bar men and art auctioneers straight in the eye. If you walk tall you feel good. And there's no tremulous wobble or uncertain taxi hailing involved. Comfort is also a critical factor when drunk. One has one's pride.

In a perfect world all women would walk prowl around in perfectly sleek shoes and they would only choose soles and heels that love them back. Masochism belongs in romantic love and possibly a pair of Spanx. But not the shoe department. Be smart. Put your foot first and then put your best foot forward. I'm gazing at my ankle boots right now and they are purring. It's almost as good as driving an Italian sportscar and a tiny bit cheaper.