Just on the cusp of presenting my new collection PASSIONFLOWER at Premiere Classe in Paris, I was happy to see my silk Tuxedo Moon shoe splashed across the pages of the esteemed fashion issue of London's Financial Times. Yes. Lovely, and in very good company.

And even though Europe is in the grip of the last gasp of an Indian summer and girls are all scampering around in wafer thin flats, a high heeled silk satin evening sandal is always in my suitcase and on my just never know when you have to drop everything and accept a black tie invitation or make your linen shorts look more important. Day for night makes sense to me especially when I am presenting spring in autumn, and Paris and Sydney are exactly the same temperature for a moment in time. Warm...but so cool.



London girls love a shoe and this week my designs have been treated to a double scoop of sweet affection. What a wonderful prelude to presenting again at Premiere Classe Paris next week and a show of loyalty from the city I see as my spiritual home and perpetual muse.

So here's news...

The Divine Breath boot (mesh swirly ankle boot one, pictured above) is in an exhibition in London at the moment in collaboration with Westfield London and The Northampton Shoe Museum. I had to pick a shoe from the archive and explain how vintage shoes inspire my designs. Check out the link below:

Also, the paper are giving away a pair of Sea Breeze shoes as part of London Fashion Week this week. Here is the link to that:

Perhaps I should sleep in a black cocktail dress in case I run into Jude Law at breakfast, Yes I am feeling that lucky.


Shoe design sounds obscure, international and glamorous. I can almost imagine a Jackie Collins character being a shoe designer with a spot of espionage on the side. Here are some working titles for airport novels about my life: "Mystery in Bologna". "The Lady is a Vamp'.  Or more teasingly still...'Sole Survivor'.

But the reality is actually, physically, the antithesis of glamour. Glamour is walking through an airport with a Celine shoulder bag wearing a cashmere play suit and having a  Brazilian modern dance student called Juan trailing one simple bit of Vuitton and carrying the coffee while he nuzzles your weary neck in the customs line. Instead I am alone and my bags weigh more than 19 weeks of grocery shopping laced with bricks. SHOES. ARE. HEAVY. I am not wafting through Europe with silk scarf samples. I am hauling boots and heels and leathers and gorgeous hard boxes. I am essentially a designer pack horse.

And showing my wares is also a tiny bit...odd. At my ten minute meeting with a big retailer I found myself scrambling on the carpeted floor unpacking suitcases of shoes. Where was Juan!

I think it is a particularly Aussie trait to do it yourself and think you can do it all. But I know I need a shoe handler and perhaps there is someone out there with a very strong lower back and a fetish. Free ballet flats to the genius who can find me luggage that accommodates a zillion pairs of shoes and looks cool.  


When you are selling a new collection it's like a courtship. I have been 'seeing' a major stockist and each time the tension rises. Um, I am more than ready to consummate this relationship or I might get tempted to start seeing other people. But seriously it's exciting to start a global label from scratch but the reality is numb bum in economy curled up on myself with huge issues of Italian Vogue, instant Miso soup and dreams. I leave for London via Milan on May 16th. My friends in Sydney with new babies don't really want to hear this but you know it's work....And there is the added stress of possibly sharing a rattly transit bus with Anna Wintour. 


I believe in destiny. I believe in fate and now, I believe in cashmere for flying economy. This is what happened to me. I was sitting on a British Airways flight to Milan. And three rows in front of me was Anna Wintour. I was there to collect my samples for Paris Fashion Week she was there to be front row at Gucci. She was wearing a boucle couture suit and chocolate brown knee high boots and a fuck off slouchy Vuitton bag. I was wearing a black Lulu Lemon tracksuit. I am 174 cm tall so I cannot make myself shrink but at the baggage carousel where her matching baggage trundled through erect I was slumped like an awkward teenager. Imagine if I had been wearing my own shoes and a Saint Laurent jumpsuit. We would have been, like, BFF's! I could have said, "Listen ...Plum Sykes is getting a bit old, can I guest edit the spring book? And she would have been like YES and can I have your shoes in red. Anna." I am doing the perspex heel pump in red. I am holding a pair aside for you. meet me by the luggage carousel on September 23rd. I will be wearing a jumpsuit and very VERY large sunglasses. I am ready for you. 


Modus presents, Sophie Cox, at the Modus 25th Anniversary Press Day on 22nd November in London at the British Film Museum. I was sitting alongside some of the greats of fashion; Philip Treacy and Michel Perry.


 With a name fit for a Bond girl, Limited Edition 001 features in Not Just A Label's Most Wanted Page


A footwear announcement in Fashion Monitor



It has been an extraordinary few days here during London Fashion Week. I have just showcased my first commercial collection, 'The Little Black Shoe,' to press and buyers and it has received some great coverage and interest. There has been a fantastic buzz around the whole event and some great new talent on and off the official schedule. I can't wait until the production delivery at the end of January when the collection will be available in stores.

Also thank you to everyone who helped make it happen and to Biscuiteers which made some very special Sophie Cox Little Black Shoe biscuits which were so sweet and delicious!!


I had a few appointments in London after visiting the factories in Milan and had the chance to go to the Design Museum to see the Christian Louboutin exhibition. It was fantastic to see such an amazing exhibition. I couldn't take any photographs but I managed to take an amazing photo of Tower Bridge on my way back to the tube.



Thank you to all my friends in London for letting me borrow their kitchen tables and living room floors to lay out and admire my samples.

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