The Cocktail Hour



Dusk is falling and somewhere in the world a woman is slipping into her cocktail dress. The zip comes up, a strap is adjusted and, “C’est Tout” she’s ready. But hold on just one hot minute…what about the shoes? That little black dress is going nowhere without the right heel. Sleek. Subtle. Well cut. Immaculate to the line of the leg. Without these the lady remains undressed.

In a reprisal of her debut collection, Sophie Cox has gone into the heart of the classic evening shoe. Working with grosgrain, silk satin, buttery suede and hand-cut and embroidered leathers (for the limited edition Margarita boot) her cocktail hour collection fuses formality with function. The palette is art deco slick: black in a variety of nuanced textures and muted gold evoke a dimly lit Zinc bar somewhere serious.

The designs have been conceived for ultimate flexibility: a folding Ballerina that slips into your handbag for a jaunt to the opera, an ankle strapped pump that skips from office to soiree and a variety of heels that can work the room without impeding your gait. The Cocktail Hour is grown up fun. The flirtations are in the details: some sheer mesh here, a Perspex heel there and an ankle strap that just quietly reminds him of lingerie. Bobbing up like a golden champagne cork in a sea of mainstream killer heels, Sophie Cox advocates subtle seduction, sleek execution and quiet charm. Over time these shoes will be your go-to day-to evening favourites, accomplices to every pleasure the night promises. And when you want to wear them first thing on a Monday morning…go ahead. Because it really is cocktail hour somewhere in the world, isn’t it? 

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