The Little Black Shoe



This year see's the launch of the first Sophie Cox commercial collection, her homage to The Little Black Shoe, being launched at London Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2013. With almost eight years training and on the cusp of her thirtieth birthday Miss Cox chose her own debut story based on a personal passion for discrete couture, frosty French glamour, film noir and the hard candy glamour of 80s French fashion photography. The style references are subtle: the silk satin tip of a shoe evoking the lapel of a YSL Smoking, an hand sculpted perspex heel nodding to Helmut Newton and well cut vamps and moire ankle ribbons humming Roxy Music under their breath. 

Designed to be indispensable The Little Black Shoe collection is a numbered series of limited edition pieces that aspire to feel like your most beloved heel, a vintage classic or the missing element in your quest for hardcore chic. 

Anti-sensational but deeply considered the young designer insisted on having every sample created in her own shoe size (39) and road tested each one: taking them dancing, running around London and in and out of the bespoke ateliers of Italy. Every design, from the butter soft folding Ballerina to the imposing cleared heeled boot passed muster for comfort and long distance luxe. "Every girl"  Cox comments "needs a beautiful shoe she can wear endlessly and rely on to look good in all sorts of contexts. I aim to create personal classics. We all need a little black dress and we definitely deserve a little black shoe...or two...or five."

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