Somewhere over the rainbow



When Hollywood took the giant step from black and white to colour in the late 1930s it was a pair of ruby red slippers that took centre stage. Dorothy’s sequined shoes dragged film and fashion into the future. Inspired by this moment of whimsical sensation I have taken my classic capsule collection, go-to basics and a debut collection of brand new sandals and heels and made the leap from monochrome into ravishing shades of cerise, scarlet and emerald green.

My logic is based completely on the daily need for glamour. I am not the sort of girl who courts novelty but my definition of luxury is a favourite shoe in an array of different materials and jewel like shades. Especially for summer and more importantly for evening.

Colour changes everything. My signature Perspex heel looks that much hotter teamed with red. Ballerinas in silk satin seem more opulent in fushia and sapphire blue. And then there are two style clichés of our age that need to be shattered. One that fashion people only wear black. Zzzz. And two that one’s basic, go-to, most reliable shoe must be in black. In summer red or gold or silver look so much lighter as do shades like cream teamed with lizard. This collection also features faintly art deco luxe materials: grosgrain, gold kid, plaited metallic braid, bronze and gold elastic and my beloved silk satin. Like a MGM spectacular my sandals are bare and slightly fanciful. The butterfly sandal sculpts the foot with whisper light contours and the thinnest of straps embraces a dainty ankle on a selection of heels from Perspex to wafer thin soles. Diversity of wear is built into the theme so you can run like Diana the huntress or teeter like Glinda the Good witch in a design of your fancy. For the wicked witch in your soul there is also a very imposing black patent leather and nappa pump with a killer heel.

Variety builds adventure. That’s my principle for building the dream shoe collection and for stretching the classics into more lavish fashion adventures. This summer I am dancing in red pumps with crystal clear heels and traversing the Emerald City in magic green slippers. As the fiery sun sets I’ll be at cocktails in butterfly sandals as golden as a gilded sea shell. And if someone asks me where my sensible black shoes have gone, well, actually Dorothy we are not in Kansas anymore!


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